Our Company

At present, the Company MyDelos covers with online access to companies around the world with access to worldwide company data and local registrar and all companies and properties only in Cyprus in a detail form and all the registered Cypriot companies with their basic information as given by the Registrar of companies. The clients can retrieve information via an easy to use online interface. MyDelos provides services and systems that enable our customers to completely, quickly and cost-effectively meet their compliance and regulatory obligations while smoothening and speeding-up their customer acquisition and retention processes.

Who We Are?

We're experts in private company information, corporate structures MyDelos.com is a product designed by a team of experts with many years' experience in the area of business information and credit bureaus. MyDelos was built on world- class data and sources are from around and third parties data sources to create something new which will be used and trusted and inform business decisions. Make better decisions safely and effectively we protect your companies from financial and reputational harm.

Our Strengths

  • More than 22 years of experience in processing online/offline data and publishing Internet content.
  • Partnerships with the largest market players but also tailored solutions to SMEs.
  • Continuous update of B2B and B2C, prospective customer and supplier databases for B2B and B2C.
  • Tools giving access to the largest databases on the market with more than 186 million businesses and million Individual reports

A global platform enabling a fast, flexible and automated (API) search of individuals and business.

Sources of Information

We collect open web content which is openly available and third-party data suppliers. As this is the case, all content we collect is considered open web content and we do not provide any additional limitations as to what you can do with it, except re-sell the data as is, which would make you our competition.

We use also third-party providers which we buy data

  • Financial Information Database: This database primarily will include the Financial Statements of the companies. (Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash flow statements, etc.).
  • Legal Database: This database will consist of data that relates to the legal background of each entity. i.e. Legal cases concerned, any orders for dissolution, liquidations, etc.
  • Registrar Database: This database will include any information about the entity that is available from the Registrar of Companies. (e.g. structure, mortgages, memorandum and articles of association, etc.).
  • Government Statistics and Research Database: This database includes key statistics prepared by the government department covering Imports and Exports, Balance of payment, Consumption, etc.
  • Company's Database: This database includes basic information about companies such as name, address, e-mail, telephone, fax, number of employees, Directors.
  • Press Information Database: This involves the collection and storing of Business information from publications such as newspapers, magazines, economic journals, etc.
  • Cyprus Land Registry
  • International Contacts
  • Electoral Roll: Government collated and issued data, for all citizens in a country, who are enrolled to vote.
  • Public Data/Resident Files: Mixed source which may include utility, consumer, and other public information.
  • Watchlists (OFAC, PEP, DFAT, EU, etc.): Watchlists and country sanction program list screening is available against a range of lists.
  • Other Identity Validation: Validation of national identity numbers, social security numbers, national health numbers, or other key country indicators of identity. Also includes validation of the unique reference number at the bottom of global passport machine readable zone (MRZ), which specifies that is it valid and also includes the individual's name and date-of-birth.
  • Social Media

The Difference with Our Competitors?

  • We are specialists in what we do;
  • We know what it takes to get the job done;
  • We work with some of the best Attorneys;
  • We have the best name on the Internet;
  • If you have questions or need advice, we are here for you;

About the software

Use open-source software in preference to proprietary or closed source alternatives, in particular for operating systems, networking software, web servers, databases and programming languages.

About the developer Fasma Tech Ltd

As Cyprus pioneers of online publishing systems, Internet Financial services, and e-commerce solutions, FASMA now also provides Web development services to its rapidly growing client list. Since it first opened for trading, FASMA has been at the forefront of evolving strategies for the creation. FASMA is using open source technologies has implemented these strategies through a series of design, development and technology initiatives.

FASMA works with its customers to provide reliable complex Internet solutions including; the development of websites for financial markets, e-commerce products, and Internet solutions customers particularly in the financial and retail sectors.

FASMA is one of supplier of customized software applications and offers high-quality technology solutions and software products for building business, financials, manufacturing and Internet/ e-business applications.

FASMA is a trade name under registration in the USA and is also the trade name of MyDelos and based in Cyprus.

FASMA was set-up in 2000 and has undertaken software projects and product development on broad technology platforms for Spain, Greece and European clients with utmost satisfaction.

To Summarize: You're Hiring The Right Person For The Job